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Board Members

Tony Napolitano / President -
Scotty Young / Vice-President -
Barbara Gauthier / Treasurer -
Nourine Lanerie/ Secretary-
Kevin Smith / Board member at large -
Sharla Young / Uniform Manager -
Danny Lanerie / Field Maintenance Manager -
Kevin Domingue / Baseball Coordinator -
Bryon Brice / Football Coordinator-
Tony LaFleur / Girls Coordinator -
Kevin Domingue / Umpire Coordinator -
Jean Trahan / Board member at Large -
Clarence Bearb / Equipment Manager -
Shawn Blanchard / 5/6 Coordinator -
Pat Domingue / Scheduling Manager -
Mike Bourque / Board Member at Large -
Nicole LaPorte / Board Member at Large -
Gina Leger / Basketball coordinator-
Todd Domingue / Sponsorship Manager -
Shawn Blanchard / Parliamentarian -,
Komodo Design LLC / Webmaster Info -


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